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Easy Medication Refills with Sonder Online Urgent Care

Welcome to Sonder Online Urgent Care's convenient medication refill service. Ensuring you have access to your essential medications is crucial for maintaining your health and well-being. With our streamlined refill process, you can easily request your prescriptions online and have them conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

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How It Works: Requesting a medication refill with Sonder Online Urgent Care is simple. Just log in to your patient portal, select the medications you need refilled, and submit your request. Our healthcare providers will review your request promptly and send the refill to your preferred pharmacy for pickup or delivery.

Who Can Use This Service: Our medication refill service is available to all existing patients of Sonder Online Urgent Care. Whether you need a refill for a chronic condition or a short-term medication, we're here to help you get the medications you need without delay.

Getting Started: If you're a current patient of Sonder Online Urgent Care, simply log in to your patient portal to request a medication refill. If you're new to our practice, you can schedule a virtual visit to discuss your medication needs with one of our healthcare providers and get started with our refill service.

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